Sports Contract Lawyers

Representing professional athletes in contract negotiations and disputes.

As one of the UK’s leading sports law firms, Rylands Garth can provide expert legal advice on athlete and player contracts, as well as commercial and sponsorship agreements.

Our contract law experience covers a range of sports, including football, rugby league, rugby union, cricket and athletics.

We support athletes at all stages of their career, and our lawyers can advise on contracts of all values – from the low thousands to multi-million pound deals.

An expert solicitor will handle all aspects of your case, ensuring you receive the highest standard of service.

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Sports Contract Negotiations

Our experienced solicitors regularly advise sportspeople who are entering into or renewing contracts, including employment contracts and commercial deals.

Sports clubs, organisations and sponsors have access to large legal teams specialising in contract and employment law. To ensure any deal agreed is fair, it is vital that you also have a legal expert to represent you and act in your best interests.

We will advocate for you throughout the negotiation process, helping to secure a deal that benefits you – both now and in the future.

Our experience and knowledge of sports contract law means we are expertly placed to explain the full implications of your contract terms and conditions, identifying any potential issues and limitations that may affect you further down the line.

With our legal representation, you can be confident that you fully understand the pros and cons of any deals you are offered prior to signing.

Contract Disputes

We also support athletes in the event of any contract disputes.

We can support you in disputes with your employer, whether that is a team, club, league, association or other type of organisation. We can also help sportspeople experiencing issues with commercial and sponsorship contracts.

If you believe your employer or sponsor is not fulfilling their obligations to you, we can analyse the situation from a legal perspective, identifying any breaches of contract and advising you on your next steps.

Similarly, if your employer or sponsor believes you have not followed the terms and conditions of your contract, we can provide essential legal advice to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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