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Concussions and Brain Injuries

We are the UK’s leading law firm on the issue of brain injuries in contact sports. Our expert lawyers are currently representing approximately 750 sportsmen and women in a series of brain injury claims against sports governing bodies. We are working with leading chambers and medico-legal experts to secure the best possible outcome for those who are now living with a neurological impairment.

Sports Contracts and Commercial Deals

We represent professional athletes on their playing and commercial contracts, whether they are signing for an academy, their first senior team or a new club. We also represent current and retired players to negotiate the best terms in commercial and sponsorship opportunities, maximising their returns and ensuring they are legally protected.

Regulatory Disputes

We help current players and coaches with regulatory matters that have been brought by clubs or sports governing bodies. These include issues relating to doping, on-field misconduct and any other disciplinary matters.

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Should we be fortunate enough to work with you, we will dedicate an experienced solicitor to your case full time. Your solicitor will be assisted by various experts, consultants and counsel (as appropriate), including neurologists and medico-legal experts in the case of head injury claims.

You can also find out more about our current concussion claims here.

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How we can help

We are a specialist sports law firm providing client-focused advice in three core areas of legal expertise: contracts and commercial deals, concussion and brain injuries, and regulatory disputes.

We represent players and former players in a range of sports, plus the estates of deceased sportsmen.

Our expert team is currently acting on behalf of hundreds of current, former and deceased professional and amateur rugby union, rugby league and football players who are suffering as a result of repeated concussions and sub-concussions.