We are a London-based sports law firm providing client-focused advice in our core areas of legal expertise: drafting playing and commercial contracts, defending sports regulatory and disciplinary actions, sports litigation and personal injury (e.g. concussion-related injuries).


Sports Contracts

We represent current professional sportsmen and women on their playing and commercial contracts. This includes drafting contracts upon signing academy or senior terms; signing for a new team, or any other commercial / sponsorship opportunities. 


A Specialist in Sports Concussion Law

We are the leading law firm in the UK on the issue of brain injuries in contact sports, and currently represent over 300 sportspeople with such injuries. We are working with leading chambers and medico-legal experts.


Regulatory Disputes

We help current players and coaches defend regulatory matters brought by clubs or governing bodies; this includes issues relating to doping, on-field misconduct and any other disciplinary matters.


Top Lawyers With a Wealth of Experience

We have a team of lawyers with top quality experience in our core areas of expertise.


Commercial Deals

We represent current and retired players in their commercial / sponsorship opportunities. We help negotiate the best terms for an individual to make sure they maximise their returns and are legally protected.


UK-Wide Coverage

Our office is in London, but we currently represent clients from across the UK and Europe.

Need consultation or help with a claim?

Our team is based in London and has a wealth of experience in drafting playing / commercial contracts, and sports litigation-related matters, including personal injury claims.

Should we be fortunate to work with you, we will dedicate an experienced solicitor to your case full-time. That solicitor will be assisted by various experts, consultants and counsel (as appropriate).

If you have played sport and fear you may have suffered an injury/ies to your head (and thus your brain), you’re welcome to take our 10-minute screening questionnaire here: Alternatively we’d be happy to email or post you the questionnaire. Our questionnaire has been put together by a team of neurologists, and can shed light on whether you may be eligible to join our litigation.

Once you have taken the questionnaire, our neurologist will offer their initial thoughts on your condition. If, sadly, we believe you may have suffered a brain injury/ies, we will offer to test you at a world class clinic to give you a definitive answer.

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