Rylands in the Media

Mail Online

'Being tackled by a modern-day rugby player is like being hit by a TRUCK': How bone-crunching collisions have exploded as body-building professionals replaced beer-swilling amateurs of old

Rugby's professional era ushered in a breed of players so powerful that being tackled in the modern game is 'like being hit by a truck', according to a surgeon who treated afflicted ex-England hooker Steve Thompson... Continue Reading

Mail Online

Rugby in the dock: Brain-damaged former stars launch lawsuit against RFU and World Rugby amid claims of negligence and failure to protect players as they target MILLIONS in compensation

Rugby Union's day of reckoning has arrived as a massive lawsuit is launched on Monday against three leading governing bodies on behalf of 185 brain-damaged former players... Continue Reading


Rugby League stars stricken by brain damage launch legal claim for millions

Ex-Great Britain scrum-half Bobbie Goulding is among 75 rugby league stars launching a legal case against the Rugby Football League on Monday, joining 220 Rugby Union pros.. Continue Reading


Stars suing Rugby League accuse bosses of negligence over doctor advice

Seventy-seven stars suing the Rugby Football League over head injuries claim chiefs “negligently” relied on advice from a doctor at the centre of a plagiarism scandal... Continue Reading

Financial Times

Rugby union’s existential crisis

As the English Premiership faces steep financial headwinds, the issue of player welfare is threatening the entire sport.. Continue Reading

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